Barzona Snapshot

Barzona Snapshot

Many are horned, but mine were selected as polled cattle.  Build up from registered Angus cows, I really believe the polled will be dominate in majority of our cattle.  Reproduction, heat tolerant, proven browsers, slick haired, docile, make this breed the perfect hybrid vigor cross for Kentucky environment.

3 thoughts on “Barzona

  1. When it comes to beef cattle breeding, perhaps nothing can have a more positive and consistent impact on profit than a structured crossbreeding program. Breed complementarity provides the opportunity to capture the strengths of various breeds and enables selection of individual animals within those breeds for specific purposes.

    The primary advantages of crossbreeding beef cattle are heterosis and breed complementarity. The power of crossbreeding results from the crossbred cow due to her advantages in fertility, weaning weights and longevity. In fact, 60 % of the advantage of crossbreeding is realized through the cow. We have been told about the advantages of crossbreeding and management cost saving grazing systems for years, yet many continue in a high input cost environment.

    Heterosis generates the largest improvement in lowly heritable traits such as reproduction and longevity which respond slowly to selection. A variety of crossbreeding systems yield 20-30 percent improvement in weaning weight per cow exposed. With today’s prices that increase can represent $200 + premium per cow, plus improvements in replacements.

    A cheap bull is the most expensive thing on the place. A sire has the ability to produce a higher number of offspring than a cow in a lifetime and through his daughters, if kept for replacements, can influence performance for generations. After years of linebreeding and selection for low input, forage based production type Angus cows, I have begun offering BarAngus bulls as a simple step to add heterosis into your herd without a complicated breeding program.

    BarAngus is my cross of Barzona and Bonsmara Bulls on Angus cows. The cows represent years of selection for this environment, and the Barzona represents a proven forager, heat resistant, low maintenance breed that is genetically unrelated to any breeds used in Kentucky. When you are ready to use the best tool to improve productivity in your herd, use our BarAngus bulls to produce cows custom designed to match the feed resources, climate, markets, and management of the commercial cattleman.
    Sansom Cattle Company (270) 302-2836

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