The right bulls

I’ve heard that when confronted with a problem, a New Zealand farmer will first look for a no-cost solution.  If he cannot find a no-cost solution, he will look for a low-cost solution.  If he cannot find a low-cost solution, he will go back and see if he really has a problem after all.


When you have a problem, I suggest you look at your management first!  Are you the problem?  Are you making a mistake in management?  In many cases you are.  Okay, in what way?  Too much feed and care?  Trying to kill every pest with a chemical?  Thinking the more you do for your cows, the better you are at management?  The list goes on.


Cattle survived thousands of years without man, just as all wild animals.  Then man came along – thinking he was smarter than nature.  Feed this, kill that pest, make a cow look a certain way.  Most of this was wrong.


How did cattle get along without us?  Strong genetics!  Survivability was bred into them through natural selection.  This was greatly diminished by MAN’S selection criteria and inputs that allowed the genetically weak to survive and reproduce.


Do not follow the advice of Land Grant Universities.  They are driven by research showing every problem has an input solution.  Why?  Because most of their research money comes from the input industry.  Universities seldom consider if the extra costs are economical.  For the most part, universities do not consider genetics, except in making cattle larger.  The genetic survivability of a cow is NOT in their “book.”


Example: Your breed up is 90%.  The university says it should be 95%.  A mineral salesman says you need more minerals.  The university says you need to feed more.  Do you?  Can you trace the problem directly to a feed shortage or mineral imbalance?  Why feed more when 90% of your cows do not need more?   If 90% can do it, they all should be able to do it!


maternal hybrid vigor is real.


Hybrid  vigor from Barzona  sired calves.  5 month old calves plus a 1 month old.  2 Blackbaldy cows and a registered Angus cow.  Color is not our focus, but BarAngus bulls out of Registered Angus calves are all black.  Even most calves sired by red Barzona  are black when out of F1 cows.  However  some will be red as per the pictures when sired by Barzona.   It is my belief that most calves sired by BarAngus will be black on black cows and majority will be black if commercial cow has any black in her pedigree. USE OUR  BarAngus BULLS TO BUILD THE BEST MATERNAL COWS YOU HAVE EVER OWNED.


BarAngus is our complementary cross of Barzona & Angus

Cross breeding is a liability ONLY if some of the genetics in the cross are inappropriate for your environment.  Many years of linebreeding and selection of our Angus cows gives us an unfair advantage over many who have tried to build a composite in the past.  Adaption to the environment is actually more important than the hybrid vigor.  Placing 2 breeds of complementing genetics together will actually retain a majority of the “vigor”, even when the herd is closed.  You are going to like the results you see by using our BarAngus bulls on your cows!

Your Farm Broker

In addition to developing great cattle – call me for your Farm Real Estate & Auction needs.  Buying a farm is different than buying a house – Most agents have very little experience and knowledge in this type of real estate.  Put my 30+ years of farm real estate experience to your advantage.  I’ve recently moved my office onto the farm.  No longer an agent for United Country, but have a great working relationship with their agents and offices.  Independence to work for YOU, if you are needing representation as a buyer or seller.  Ag degree, farm and investment property ownership, is the kind of knowledge and benefits that pay dividends when advising buyers and sellers.